5 tricks to replace the preparations in the garden


The season has come that inspires most of us for repairs, projects and improvements. This time of the year is especially important for all those who have spent their free time in their garden. That’s why we’ve decided to offer you five interesting tricks to replace the preparations that help your plants grow.

Asht from the stove

You must have heard that ash from the wood stove can help you in the winter months when serious snow falls. Do you know, however, that it is also useful for your soil? Ash contains potassium, phosphorus and minerals that will be very useful for your garden. So next time, while cleaning your stove, do not forget to store some of the Continue reading >>>

How to Survive an After Tenancy Cleaning and Moving Together at Once

The moving out process, which is these days almost always combined with an end of tenancy cleaning and the following inspection, is thought to be one of the most annoying and hated periods in one’s life. And no, it’s neither that hard nor that expensive or time-consuming or whatever. But it brings you anxiety and frequent panic attacks and though you know that you have no reasons to worry about stuff like this, you do. And you end up being nervous and scared by a simple single cleaning, for God sake. But the entire situation could become even more complicated when you are not just moving out from your own house and moving in another one, but you are moving … Continue reading >>>

Is renting a small flat a good idea?


Yes, you are not buying a house and most of the people right there will try to convince you that it is not a big deal – the type of your rented property, of course, but for you it is far more than that – it is your future home, the place where you will come too tired every day after work, the one where you will spend time with your beloved and with your friends as well, the place where you will be happy and sad, you will fill your heart with joys and sometimes you will be miserably crying on the floor. This place will be a reflection of yours for some time, no matter if it … Continue reading >>>

Reduce the anxiety right now and live calmly and happily ever after

It is the lifestyles we have these days – challenging and busy, with schedules always full, with free time absolutely insufficient and to-do lists with never ending tasks, those lifestyles keep our minds busy and us nervous and stressed. But as we learn to live with it with the time, as we experience the stress in the high-school because of the bullying and the searching of balance between the conformism and the desire to outstand, as we get more stressed when we are forced to think about our future and even to make decisions – of great importance and pretty final, we consider it as absolutely normal.

The society makes us believe that the high-level of stress is something that

Continue reading >>>

The things you learn living in a small flat

Your whole life you were dreaming to live in one of those big houses with three bedrooms and bathrooms with a kitchen, two offices and a lovely living room, and, oh yeah, a garden as well. You imagined arranging everything in this lovely home and you were planning the whole interior design. But not everything in life happens just like we want it and after graduation you found that dream job and you had to compromise with the dream house for some time. You moved in a small flat on the 3th floor, which had one bedroom, one bathroom, a small kitchen and living room and a tiny little hallway, and yes, you were not impressed, you were a little … Continue reading >>>

Travelling, homesickness and other fine things in life

Travelling is adventures and enthusiasm, leaving and going and departures, travelling is uncertainty and brutality, it makes you trust strangers and make homes of new places, of new cities, countries, of human-beings you’ve just met, but who attracted you in some weird, undefinable way that made you think that it’s not another continent you are on, but another planet. Travelling is losing sight of everything you find safe and soothing and looking for the certainty of the sunrises and the sunsets, which are scarily similar all over the world, of the moon, that is one and the same and always fits right in your thumb with your one eye closed just like in that movie you watched back home with … Continue reading >>>

Croatia – a blend of cultures, tastes and emotions

The Dalmatian coast is a little piece of heaven locked between the beautifully azure Adriatic Sea and the magnificent green and august mountains, but what it offers is not an endless beach only with cliffs, impressive views and tranquility, but an enthralling blend of cultures, tastes and sensations, it is a place to be remembered and creates emotions to be remembered, too, emotions to be saved somewhere deeply in the heart and feelings that transform the travelling soul of the wanderer, of the one who always wants more and who finds even the perfection not enough.

Four hundred years the Venetians predominated here and if you find Italy charming and inspiring, you better know that this place is so beautifully

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Buying a house is all about timing

You are not buying a burger or a dress, you are even not buying a car and it is a lot more serious now, you are buying a house – a place to live in now and for a long time, a place that you will turn into a home, which will answer your needs not only in this particular moment, but later in your life as well. And buying is indeed all about timing. So you better not act too hastily.

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Is it the right moment?

You will most probably buy a house in a certain moment in your life, but the question is: is it now the right moment? This whole thing is … Continue reading >>>

These cleaning solutions turn out to be total disaster

Image of cleanerIf someone says to you that the cleaning is easy, he is either too good at doing it, being able almost professionally to turn every messy place in a total heaven without too much efforts and spending only a reasonable amount of time or he is doing it so rarely that he even cannot feel how hard it is to make everything look perfect. Yes, in our world we can usually divide people in two groups. However, you are maybe somewhere in the middle and, yes, you know that it is not that easy at all, but somehow or other you know perfectly well somewhere deeply in yourself that you should maintain your home, keeping it clean and organized just … Continue reading >>>

The fantastic end of tenancy cleaning

Image of mopRight after I graduated university I started living on my own. And I soon realized that it has nothing in common with the life on campus, when you are still careless and free and tranquil. You now have much more responsibilities and things to do, your schedule is almost always busy, your lifestyle a little bit stressful as you have just started a new challenging job and you want to prove that you’re skilled and educated and expert. But since I hadn’t settled down, I didn’t want to buy a property to live in or to rent a place for some more years. And then I found this decision wonderful (not on the same page now), but it was all … Continue reading >>>