5 tricks to replace the preparations in the garden


The season has come that inspires most of us for repairs, projects and improvements. This time of the year is especially important for all those who have spent their free time in their garden. That’s why we’ve decided to offer you five interesting tricks to replace the preparations that help your plants grow.

Asht from the stove

You must have heard that ash from the wood stove can help you in the winter months when serious snow falls. Do you know, however, that it is also useful for your soil? Ash contains potassium, phosphorus and minerals that will be very useful for your garden. So next time, while cleaning your stove, do not forget to store some of Continue reading >>>

Having a green wedding!

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If you wish to have an eco-friendly wedding celebration, there are numerous of various things you could do to both minimize paper and help the environment. Here are a couple of ideas and suggestions that will get on the track. Initially, think about your dress. Does it need to be brand-new?

Why not use your mother’s wedding gown, or buy a vintage one from an antique shop or a charity store? Even the net provides many locations where you can get beautiful vintage dress or environment-friendly dress. Now, just what regarding the dish you serve? You may assume that food doesn’t make much of an … Continue reading >>>