Travelling, homesickness and other fine things in life

Travelling is adventures and enthusiasm, leaving and going and departures, travelling is uncertainty and brutality, it makes you trust strangers and make homes of new places, of new cities, countries, of human-beings you’ve just met, but who attracted you in some weird, undefinable way that made you think that it’s not another continent you are on, but another planet. Travelling is losing sight of everything you find safe and soothing and looking for the certainty of the sunrises and the sunsets, which are scarily similar all over the world, of the moon, that is one and the same and always fits right in your thumb with your one eye closed just like in that movie you watched back home … Continue reading >>>

Croatia – a blend of cultures, tastes and emotions

The Dalmatian coast is a little piece of heaven locked between the beautifully azure Adriatic Sea and the magnificent green and august mountains, but what it offers is not an endless beach only with cliffs, impressive views and tranquility, but an enthralling blend of cultures, tastes and sensations, it is a place to be remembered and creates emotions to be remembered, too, emotions to be saved somewhere deeply in the heart and feelings that transform the travelling soul of the wanderer, of the one who always wants more and who finds even the perfection not enough.

Four hundred years the Venetians predominated here and if you find Italy charming and inspiring, you better know that this place is so

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Why travelling is what defines us?

Travelling is departing and arriving, flights, trains and cars, boats. Travelling is many good-byes and leaving your home, new hellos, new friends, new people, new emotions. New cities which are also new homes for your soul, or your heart, or they are maybe a prison, you don’t like and want to escape. Travelling is uncertainty – you have to be brave, you are getting out of your comfort zone, you are somewhere alone, you have only the sky, the sea and everything in between. Travelling is museums and tours and double-decker touristic buses with no roofs, travelling is sightseeing, waiting on queues, buying tickets, listening to audio guides. … Continue reading >>>