5 tricks to replace the preparations in the garden


The season has come that inspires most of us for repairs, projects and improvements. This time of the year is especially important for all those who have spent their free time in their garden. That’s why we’ve decided to offer you five interesting tricks to replace the preparations that help your plants grow.

Asht from the stove

Image of ash


You must have heard that ash from the wood stove can help you in the winter months when serious snow falls. Do you know, however, that it is also useful for your soil? Ash contains potassium, phosphorus and minerals that will be very useful for your garden. So next time, while cleaning your stove, do not forget to store some of the ashes for the spring months.

Vinegar and lemon juice

Vinegar, which has traditionally been used as a bio-cleaner for cleaning and disinfection, is also widely

Image of vinegar


used in the garden. Concentrated vinegar is a powerful pesticide that can deliver you from undesirable pests. For better results you can mix vinegar with juice of freshly squeezed lemon.

Coffee beans

Image of coffee beans

Coffee beans

Did you know that besides waking you up in the morning, the fragrant coffee beans can also help you in the garden. Separate them in a suitable container, pour them with water and let them sit in the sun for a while. Then leave them at a temperature of about 100 degrees in the oven and have a great bio-fertilizer for your soil.


Did you know that beans are also friends of your garden? They are a great fertilizer for which the most

Image of legumes


experienced gardeners do not know. There is also a one tip – do not add them to the soil or compost, but plant legumes in your garden. They capture nitrogen from the air and thus enrich the soil.

Non-toxic mixtures

Non-toxic mixes can also be a great pesticide. These are combinations that are completely harmless to humans and most mammals. However, some of them appear to be detrimental to garden pests. For example, the blend of crushed garlic and raw onion has proven to be an effective method against aphids. A mix of garlic and mineral oil is used against the invasion of a wider range of

Image of garlic and onion

Garlic and onion

pests. If your garden is attacked by fungi, you can counteract by mixing soda bicarbonate with oil or olive oil.

We hope that all these ideas will help you keep your plants, whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener. If your garden is yet to be built, you can seek advice, guidance, and assistance from landscaping professionals.

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