Is renting a small flat a good idea?


Yes, you are not buying a house and most of the people right there will try to convince you that it is not a big deal – the type of your rented property, of course, but for you it is far more than that – it is your future home, the place where you will come too tired every day after work, the one where you will spend time with your beloved and with your friends as well, the place where you will be happy and sad, you will fill your heart with joys and sometimes you will be miserably crying on the floor. This place will be a reflection of yours for some time, no matter if it would be a month, or a year or a couple of them. And you want to find home for your soul, not simply for your body. This home will be full of memories and sensations, and it will be part of your life, a significant one, and you are now wondering what it should look like? The dream house is far away from your reality now and you are not planning to have big family, two kids and a dog in the next couple of months, so you most probably need a small flat in the downtown, but is this kind of property cozy and homey and is it really worth it? 

The Pro-s 

Is renting a small flat a good idea1Let’s start with the location and admit that you can find wonderful small flat which won’t cost you too much at the same time right in the center of the town. Another advantage is the fact that the small flat is logically far less expensive from the bigger one. Another advantage connected with the expenses are the bills – if you live in a flat with three bedrooms you will surely have to pay more money for electricity and so on than if you have a small studio. At the end you will save so much money that you will be able to book a holiday in Spain, for instance, and who the hell doesn’t like the whole idea of week in Barcelona? Last but not least is the time you will spend for home maintenance. The small flat can be cleaned more easily and quickly, because there are simply no so many places that need a clean-up.

The Con-s 

But let’s not be deluded and don’t forget those few things about the small homes which are not so attractive. The first thing is the limited space you will have there and if you live by your own it’s kind of ok, while if you have to live with someone else in a one-bedroom flat, you will be going mad too often and you will have to become a lot more patient. And if you want to invite some friends, to organize a family dinner or a movie night, this would be so hard, almost impossible, because it would be simply totally inconvenient. And a small flat could be hardly decorated as well.