The things you learn living in a small flat

Your whole life you were dreaming to live in one of those big houses with three bedrooms and bathrooms with a kitchen, two offices and a lovely living room, and, oh yeah, a garden as well. You imagined arranging everything in this lovely home and you were planning the whole interior design. But not everything in life happens just like we want it and after graduation you found that dream job and you had to compromise with the dream house for some time. You moved in a small flat on the 3th floor, which had one bedroom, one bathroom, a small kitchen and living room and a tiny little hallway, and yes, you were not impressed, you were a little disappointed. With the time you lived there, however, you learnt to like it and you got used to it so much, it was convenient – The things you learn living in a small flat1 The dream job brought you the dream salary, which brought you the dream house and you are now finally living there for a month and only now you can seriously realize how nice your previous home was and how much you learnt there. 

Stuff is not that important 

We all like to believe that we have unmaterialistic lives and we don’t care about little somethings, belongings and stuff at all. But in the reality we like buying stuff, having more – we like not throwing away that empty perfume bottle, because we like remembering the moment someone gave it to us as a gift, we like having clothes, a lot of them, we rarely share them with friends and we almost never recycle them. While you live in your small home, however, you understand that the things are not worth it – you need them, that’s right, but when you don’t have a place to store them, you give a new meaning to everything.

Organization is the ultimate solution 

You don’t have a big kitchen, you don’t have a closet at all and you need to organize everything, if you want to have everything by your side, because here this is the rule. You were such a messy person before you graduated and your whole room was full of different piles of clothes and stuff, but this lovely little flat taught you to plan and organize and these two qualities are indeed relevant.

There’s so much love 

When you don’t have so much space, you are almost on the top of one another all the time. You have to share everything, you cannot dramatically close doors, you cannot go sleep in another bedroom after you were fighting, you cannot eat separately, or cook separately, or somehow live separately. You have to share everything, and that is the good news, because you learn how to do it and become less selfish and a lot kinder. The small flat brought you more love and that is precious.