These cleaning solutions turn out to be total disaster

Image of cleanerIf someone says to you that the cleaning is easy, he is either too good at doing it, being able almost professionally to turn every messy place in a total heaven without too much efforts and spending only a reasonable amount of time or he is doing it so rarely that he even cannot feel how hard it is to make everything look perfect. Yes, in our world we can usually divide people in two groups. However, you are maybe somewhere in the middle and, yes, you know that it is not that easy at all, but somehow or other you know perfectly well somewhere deeply in yourself that you should maintain your home, keeping it clean and organized just like you should keep everything in life simple. It all sounds easy, even facile, with the time you have created something like a cleaning routine, nothing too exact though, you have found the cleaning products that make your home look perfect and you have gained some sort of experience, being able to clean much more skillfully now. But it happens instantly. You spill something, or  a friend of yours walks into your house with muddy shoes, or your beloved one invites guests and you should perform a quick and efficient clean-up, and you need a cleaning solution, NOW, immediately. And what you really do is choose the option that seems more effective and just clean. The sad news is that the thoughtless decision might lead to fatal consequences.

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The carpet stain cleaning

You are having fun with your friends, talking, chilling, laughing, drinking wine and enjoying the good Image of carpetlife, when one of you spills this magical drink on the carpet. Oh, God, what now? A little bit dizzy, you are now looking for solutions, but there is nothing like carpet stain remover or wine remover at home, and right before you start crying over your magnificent white carpet, you think of the bleach. Yes, you have one bottle of it, of course. You take it and apply it on the carpet, believing in your success, and after a few minutes you are terrified by the awful result. Yes, your carpet is white, but differently white from the white stain just in the middle. In fact you can easily clean this kind of stain with spirit or simple colorless alcoholic drink and the result, I promise, would be absolutely stunning.

The stone countertops cleaning

This one is almost never perfectly clean, because, yes, you work on it and it is to some extent logical. And right after you have read the article about the magical powers of the white vinegar as a cleaning product, you decide to give it a try. And here, my dear, comes the disaster. Have you ever read that white vinegar would be able to clean this surface? Have you ever heard of someone doing it and why did you decide to experiment? The result is dreadful and your stone countertop damaged for good.