Top 3 things all fastidious people do every day for a reason

We all have that one friend that is so good at cleaning that he does it naturally, without so many efforts and whose home is like the most perfect place in the world – clean, organized, designed, beautiful. And you are a little bit envy, a little bit angry with him and a lot curious. How could he manage to cope with everything and with his busy and challenging job as well and he even has time for social life and he goes out often and travels at the weekend. That bastard. But it was until now, here are his secrets:

Evening routine


Well, you believe that evenings were made for rest only and every task that appears after you have laid on the sofa with a glass of wine can be done tomorrow. No, this is the perfect moment to take care of simple things. Wash the dishes after dinner, clean the oven or the hot plates after cooking, do the laundry, and if you have spent your whole day at the desk in the office, you can now do your training by vacuum-cleaning or getting rid of the dust. Why not?

Think ahead

This means that most of the mess in our home is caused by your laziness and thoughtlessness. So change that fact. When you come home, put your shoes in the closet. When you have done the shopping, arrange all the goods in the cupboards and the fridge. When you come back from your holiday, unpack the luggage.

Do not procrastinate

Well, this is the most common cleaning mistake: planning everything for the next weekend or for the one after that. And the rule is so simple: do not leave anything till tomorrow, that you can do today, Benjamin Franklin said.