Croatia – a blend of cultures, tastes and emotions

The Dalmatian coast is a little piece of heaven locked between the beautifully azure Adriatic Sea and the magnificent green and august mountains, but what it offers is not an endless beach only with cliffs, impressive views and tranquility, but an enthralling blend of cultures, tastes and sensations, it is a place to be remembered and creates emotions to be remembered, too, emotions to be saved somewhere deeply in the heart and feelings that transform the travelling soul of the wanderer, of the one who always wants more and who finds even the perfection not enough.

Four hundred years the Venetians predominated here and if you find Italy charming and inspiring, you better know that this place is so beautifully influenced by the ancient culture of Rome, by the Mediterranean, by the architecture of Venice that all these mix forming places with their own spirit, places that seem so similar and so unknown.

You have the feeling that you have been there so many times before and in the same time, explore and find and run and meet. The Austrian Empire is the second modern, developing and powerful master of these lands – a civilized one, which brought here the very best and made this country what it is today. Drinking an italianly perfect espresso in a charming Austrian café, you don’t feel like you are anywhere else, but you know that you are in Croatia. Islands and coasts and beautiful old sites, which have history that is more than remarkable, narrow roads, coming up and down, being left out of breath, you delightfully feel the pure bliss of being here. Climbing on the walls of the Old town of Dubrovnik now, you watch the sea – infinite and imposing and it is reflected in your eyes, where the view of this magically divine place change perspectives and leaves your mind open, infinite and impressed. Listen to what you cannot hear and find the wisdom of the silence.