Why travelling is what defines us?

Travelling is departing and arriving, flights, trains and cars, boats. Travelling is many good-byes and leaving your home, new hellos, new friends, new people, new emotions. New cities which are also new homes for your soul, or your heart, or they are maybe a prison, you don’t like and want to escape. Travelling is uncertainty – you have to be brave, you are getting out of your comfort zone, you are somewhere alone, you have only the sky, the sea and everything in between. Travelling is museums and tours and double-decker touristic buses with no roofs, travelling is sightseeing, waiting on queues, buying tickets, listening to audio guides. Travelling is you on the street of a city you have never visited before, walking, noticing different people, imagining their faiths, their happiness, their sorrow, their love. Travelling is coffee shops and bistros and pizzerias and Chinese restaurants and tavernas. Travelling is sitting in one of them, tasting the country, trying it out, loving and hating it, and being homesick or wanting to stay here forever. Travelling is the silence in the innermost recesses of the park where you are with the only one you love and you lay on the grass and desire and share your emotions and feelings and you don’t talk, because you don’t need to. Travelling is the noise of the nightlife in a city that never sleeps: the laughter, the screaming, the music, the cries. Travelling is losing the ground under your feet when you indeed have set foot so strongly on it. Travelling is freedom and brings you desire to find this freedom in yourself, to build it somewhere in your heart. You get inspired and impressed, delighted and enthralled from the architecture of the cities around the world, from the way different people live there. Travelling is so much more. Travelling is what defines us.